8 Things to Expect at a Home Inspection- For Buyers

Congrats!!! You are under contract! Time is of the essence and you need to get your home inspection ASAP. If you have been reading my blog, you would know to have already selected your home inspector before you began your home search process.(See: How To Buy Your 1st Home Like a Boss.) You already know how much the inspector is charging, and you have budgeted for this.

YOU, MY FRIEND, ARE A BOSS! So, let’s get this home inspection started!!!  

In my opinion, this is the best part of the home buying process. My clients always finish inspections feeling confident either in 2 ways: confident in going forward purchasing their home or confident in terminating and finding another home. There is no gray area! I love it!!

Everybody needs a home inspection for the following reasons:

1. A home is a large financial investment you're making, and you need to know every nook and cranny in your home- the good and the bad in the current condition.

2. Even if the home is being sold as is, you have the right to negotiate anything that concerns you. If the seller does not negotiate, you have the power to walk away from this home. Your inspection provides a professional opinion. At least, you will have a substantiated reason and documentation to why you’re walking away.

3. Home 101: get educated on how to maintain your new home such as when to change filters, life expectancy of your HVAC, how to check the condition of your roof, how to clean your windows.

Now that you know why you need a home inspection here are:

8 things to expect during the inspection:


From the windows to the walls, expect to be everywhere with the inspector!  Dress down in workout clothes, you will be inspecting everything from the attic to the crawl space.  I tell my clients expect to be like Ruth and Naomi in the Bible,wherever your inspector goes you go. Your home inspection will last at least 3 to 4 hours.


Expect to come to your home inspection with a fully charged phone. You will need to video  items that malfunction, water shut-off in case of emergency, changing air filters, and more. You will always be able to refer back to these videos, in case there is a problem with your home. It is also easy for your Realtor to send a video of a concern to the listing agent.


Expect for your dream home to have flaws that you didn't see during your initial viewing. It is your inspector’s job to find everything wrong that you didn't see during your showing.


Expect to put the most emphasis on plumbing, foundation, roof, and wiring. The most expensive and common problems in the home.


Expect the inspector to ignore the scratches on the wall and the purple wallpaper. He is not there to address cosmetic issues that you may not like in the home, hoping that it will be in his report so you and the seller can negotiate.

Expect to come out ready to build a house from the ground up with all the knowledge that you have learned. You will have a written report and PDF within 24 hours of your inspection that you will be able to explain and interpret from beginning to end.  Do not work with any inspector that takes 48 hours or more to provide you and your Realtor with the report. Time is of the essence!

Expect to work with additional experts. You may need to reach out to additional experts if you need to price repairs or need a 2nd opinion from an expert such as roofers, foundation specialists, or electricians.


Or expect the unexpected. Your inspector may not find anything wrong. Many sellers are proactive and hire an inspector to address all concerns before they put their house on the market, to avoid any issues.

After the home inspection, review the report with your Realtor. If you decide to go forward, put it in writing, via email, items you want repaired or replaced. Send this email to your Realtor. I have seen situations where Realtors have forgotten items their buyers wanted to address or the buyer has forgotten what they wanted addressed, and it was too late to bring the issue to the seller. If you really like this home, negotiate with the seller to your satisfaction, and everyone will be happy at closing day.

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