6 Simple Ways to Choose your Realtor

6 Simple Ways to Choose a REALTOR when BUYING a Home

One common things I see in real estate is homebuyers not happy with their Realtor, during the process...at the closing table...or even after purchase they want nothing to do with their Realtor. I have gotten several clients because Realtors never returned phone calls, never made the buyer feel like a priority, or never solved their problem - which is to help them find a home. It is difficult to regain the trust of a buyer when a Realtor has disappointed them.

There are hundreds of great agents, and there are hundreds of agents that are well...not so great. Unless you have a sharp real estate background and great negotiation skills, don’t do it alone. You need an agent.  The key is finding the best Realtor that is suited for you and can meet your needs.

You can easily determine if a Realtor is right for you by simply having an initial in-person conversation. There is a difference between an over-the-phone conversation and actually meeting someone in person. This is just like dating. Many buyers do not take advantage of meeting with their realtor first. Before you view your 1st house, request a buyer’s consult at their office or a location where interruptions are limited.

You’ll know if the agent is right for you if you follow these tips:


If you are a 1st time buyer or experienced but need a refresher course, have the agent explain the homebuying process. If you do not understand and they are not able to explain the process, this is not the right agent. You should be over-educated to where you are comfortable and confident in buying a home.


Your agent must know your needs and the type of home you are looking for. Never be afraid to ask if they have experience in your specific market. For example if you want to purchase new construction, it is nothing like resale. In my opinion, new construction is tedious, and more negotiations are needed. New construction, especially a pre-sale require more attention than a resale.


How are you treated? What sense do you feel upon meeting them. You should feel calm, comfortable, positive, and enthusiastic. If you do not feel this way around your agent now, how will you feel when you start seeing homes with them? How the agent presents themselves the first time will be how they will be every time. If you can't wait for this meeting to be over, trust your instincts and continue searching.


Notice if they're checking on social media, texting or answering their phone while with you. Are you okay with this behavior, or do you want their complete attention?  In some situations, Realtors might need to make an exception because they may be expecting an important phone call back from another agent or lender especially when meeting a deadline on an existing transaction. If it becomes annoying or bothers you, acknowledge your concern and see how they respond.


If you are comfortable with your realtor, you should be able to ask any question. How long have you been in real estate?  Are you a full-time or part-time Realtor? How many clients are you working with currently? What are your fees? Are you familiar with this part of town where I want to purchase? Do you work alone or with a team? What days do you work? What is your area of specialty? Do you have a sheet of referrals?


If they're on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, view their platform and follow their online reputation. How well do they connect with their clients and the community? View their website.  Do you see any buyer testimonies or information to help buyers and sellers?

You and your Realtor will have a short to long term relationship. If you feel the relationship isn’t working during the home buying process, communicate your feelings and frustrations. If you still are not happy, terminate the buyer/agent relationship. Learn from the mistakes and choose another Realtor to find your dream home.

Now that you have these strategies, you know how to find someone that will be an advocate for you. Our role as REALTORS (agents) is to protect your interest and meet your needs even after closing. Use these strategies and trust your instincts. When you choose the right agent, they will be your light to homeownership.

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